History of music in one entertaining evening

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SNAP up a ticket at the Under Ground Theatre on May 27 (8pm) – for the entire history of music of every sort, courtesy of virtuoso multi-instrumentalist and learned buffoon, Mike Hatchard.

Find out how Mozart wrote Eine Kleine Nacht Musik inspired by his doorbell.

Discover how Beethoven yearned to write a cheese commercial. Marvel at how Count Basie inspired fellow aristocrat, Lady Gaga.

You’ll hear, too, that J S Bach was actually Welsh, and that garage music isn’t necessarily a cut-price CD bought at a service station.

Ex-Dankworth pianist Mike Hatchard is a wonderfully talented vocalist – who, as well as piano, plays percussion, sax, trumpet, trombone, clarinet, and more.

This one-man orchestra who studied at the Royal College of Music now promises an evening that can be guaranteed to leave you with titbits of information that will lodge themselves in your head forever.

You’ll never forget, for example, the Birdie Song has hidden depths when sung in eighteenth century Icelandic...

Tickets, £8, 737677 or buy them from the Tourist Information Centre.