Go back to basics at Pebble Records

Tomorrow sees a live performance in-store at Pebble Records from Applewood Road at 1pm.

The band is comprised of singer-songwriters Emily Barker, Amber Rubarth and Amy Speace, who first met in Nashville in September 2014 where they wrote and recorded the song entitled Applewood Road.

Six months later they reconvened to write twelve more songs and turn this new collaboration into a full album project.

Applewood Road’s soaring three part vocal harmonies have just the right degree of edge and precision while their finely crafted songs reflect deeply on their personal experiences and illustrate their special gifts for storytelling.

Each song was recorded live to stereo tape, Emily, Amber and Amy singing together around one microphone with minimal accompaniment - the whole concept going right back to the beginning of recorded music. The tape was then mastered and cut for vinyl at Gearbox Records in London, keeping the 100% analogue chain throughout the whole process. This is a return for Emily Barker who played an astounding in-store last year. For more info call 01323 430304 / 07712 703130.