Eve’s lustrous tone captures the essence of perfect Piaf

The Songs of Edith Piaf
The Songs of Edith Piaf

THE SONGS of Edith Piaf, performed by Eve Loiseau with Fiona Barrow, violin, and Eddy Jay, accordion, will be at the Under Ground Theatre on May 1 (8pm).

Edith Piaf who rose from Paris street urchin to international star has become synonymous with French Cabaret of the 1940s & 50s and remains France’s most popular singer.

Eve Loiseau’s passion for Piaf developed at a young age, around the dining table in South East France.

Coming from a French family of singers, long summer meals were often rounded off with French chansons.

Piaf is inimitable, but Eve’s lustrous French tone captures the essence of the Piaf performance in this tribute to the ‘Little Sparrow’.

As well as a dramatic narrative thread, the show includes the iconic songs, La vie en rose, Sous le ciel de Paris, Autumn Leaves, Padam, C’est merveilleux, Mon Dieu, L’hymne à L’amour, L’accordéoniste, Non je ne regrette rien and Milord.

Tickets cost £18.50, call 841414.