Distinctive folk brew

Tattie Jam
Tattie Jam

BRINGING unusual flavours and a playful twist to songs and tunes plundered from, and inspired by, the rich Scottish tradition, Tattie Jam perform at The Lamb Folk Club on June 15.

The duo, comprising Seylan Baxter [vocals, acoustic and electric cellos and percussion] and Ruaridh Pringle (vocals, guitar, digeridoo and percussion) is fast becoming one of the busiest acts on the International folk circuit.

Seylan is a graduate of Glasgow’s Royal Scottish Academy of Music and Drama and is one of the country’s best known traditional cellists, having collaborated with several of Scotland’s foremost artists. Ruaridh was a student of Lews Castle College, Benbecular’s highly regarded course in traditional music.

He is an accomplished singer and musician as well as a prolific and prize-winning writer of both songs and traditional-style tunes.

Together they offer a distinctive brew of songs and tunes ranging from dark ballads to humorous songs and slow airs to kinetic jigs and reels, a sound that is both unmistakable and unusually big for a duo!

Admission is £5 on the door, the music starts at 8.30pm and any enquiries can be made on 728268.