Celebrating a stalwart talent

Chris Liddiard
Chris Liddiard

The Underground Theatre on Saturday presented a celebration of the life and music of local singer-songwriter Chris Liddiard - writes James Neilson Graham.

Chris has run the White Horse Folk Club in Bodle Street for 20 years, and an impressive line-up of local folk talent joined Chris on stage. Glyn Burgess, Marilyn and Andy, John Cave, R ‘n’ R who are Richard Walder and Ron Turner, Keith Willson, Tim Izzard and Simon Jocelyn, among others, all offered their own take on Chris’s worldly-wise songs.

From Two Swallows Don’t Make a Summer to If It Ain’t Broke Don’t Fix It, the trenchant lyrics dwell on the quirkiness and sadness of life.

The best was left till last – a groovy medley involving the entire ‘cast’, a fitting tribute to a gentle man.