Bandstand’s tribute on summer nights

Eastbourne welcomes Tom Jones and Elton John for its first week featuring two tributes at the Bandstand.

Tom-Tastic Martin Jarvis is a master of his craft.

Martin takes off a modern Tom with the bronze sheep look. He slams down hits like ‘Kiss’ and ‘She’s a lady’ with effortless vocal accuracy. Even on ‘I’ll Never Fall in Love Again’, as Tom joins us on the dance floor his singing stays bang on. People slow dance around him, it is a lovely moment.

Martin performs as if he is in front of thousands. He is no stranger to putting on a good show having performed as Tom for 38 years.

Jimmy Love celebrates the music of Elton John. With an explosive ‘Pinball Wizard’ to open it’s a shame the slower tempos of ‘Your Song’ and ‘Candle in The Wind’ keep the show at jogging pace. ‘Are You Ready for Love’ and ‘Yellow Brick Road’ soon get us going. Jimmy looks like Sir Elton but there’s only so much energy you can exercise at a piano. He stands and dances more towards the end. Jimmy plays good renditions of Elton John songs in the original style, but he is less of an impersonator. During songs like ‘Rocket Man’ and ‘Can You Feel the Love Tonight’ he sounds like Will Young or Mark Owen doing a cover. This is intentional, and the songs are given their justice. By John Mclean