Aiming to spread the joys of singing

A community choir opening evening will be held next week to find new members who “love to sing.”

The Robert Poulton Foundation aims to celebrate the life of Robert Poulton and to share both the enjoyment of singing and its ability to change lives for the better.

Jubilate is the community choir established by the Foundation. Originally envisaged as a hospice choir, it was decided that many people within the community might enjoy the benefits of a weekly professionally led singing session, whose sole purpose is to sing for joy. Whether you are bereaved, sad, lonely or, indeed, full of beans but love to sing, Jubilate will welcome you. The choir aims to enrich the lives of all who are involved and hopes to help maintain wellbeing and happiness through the joy of singing.

The choir is the brainchild of Robert’s widow, Philippa Poulton-Smith, who for many years sang professionally as a mezzo soprano. Philippa is now the CEO of the Robert Poulton Foundation and takes great pride in leading its two current projects, The choir has an open evening on Monday November 16 at 7.30pm and it is hoped to welcome “lots of people to share the joy - and the cake! “

Jubilate is at All Saints Church Hall, Grange Road or go to