A great contemporary jazz composer’s music at the club

TSQ Plays Wayne Shorter
TSQ Plays Wayne Shorter

Splash Point Jazz Club returns to Eastbourne’s The Fishermen’s Club, Royal

Parade, on Wednesday September 27.

The night will feature Terry Seabrook’s new quintet TSQ Plays Wayne Shorter.

Exploring the music of one of the greatest contemporary jazz composers, Wayne Shorter, the band features Andy Panayi (sax), Graeme Flowers (trumpet), Simon

Thorpe (bass), Peter Hill (drums) and Terry on piano. This band naturally follows on from one of Terry’s previous projects, Milestones, which focused on the music of Miles Davis. This is a natural progression since Shorter was one of Miles’ most important sidemen, contributing so many brilliantly original songs for his quintet.

Shorter had been a prolific composer throughout his career and written for all of the bands in which he played including Art Blakey’s Messengers and of course

Weather Report. There has been much to choose from but the songs selected and arranged include One By One, Speak No Evil, Black Nile, Witch Hunt, Night Dreamer, and many more.

There will also be few originals by Terry Seabrook and Andy Panayi.

Tickets are £10 on the door on the night, or buy online at www.WeGotTickets.com

The music starts at 8pm, and finishes at around 10.30pm.

There is ample parking immediately next to the venue and drinks are at club prices. Doors open at 7.15pm.