Master class for those exploring devised theatre

TAKE a dash of movies like Leon or Collateral, add The Sky at Night and a smidgeon of Little Britain...”

This unique solo show creates an urban and gritty world where a Hitman, a ‘single white male’ and an Alzheimer’s sufferer share their stories and thoughts on being alone - interwoven with the classic ‘Crusoe’ story and an exploration of ‘Big Bang Theory’!

Robertson’s Crusoe is a cinematic blend of precise movement, physical comedy, acting, and bold images, supported by a tailor-made atmospheric soundtrack devised and performed by Gavin Robertson.

Gavin is ‘theatre practitioner’ at Eastbourne College as well as a professional theatre producer, having toured in 2011 to Australia and previously to every continent on the globe.

This latest show highlights his individual style blending movement and acting with a strong narrative. A master-class for anyone exploring devised theatre.

Robertson’s Crusoe will be at Eastbourne College Theatre on Tuesday, October 2 (7.30pm).

Tickets cost £7.50, call 452255 or email