How filming in Princes Park fulfilled all Ethan's hopes

French film-maker and Anglophile Ethan Atwood has enjoyed a successful day's filming in Eastbourne.

Wednesday, 4th April 2018, 12:35 pm
Updated Friday, 8th June 2018, 12:33 am

Ethan is working with Amazon Prime to make a short film called So Can We Play? and was delighted with how it all went.

He commented: “The evening before the shoot, I went to Princes Park, the film location. I was stressed and wanted to check out the location for a last time. On the day of the filming, I was completely pleased.

“Everything went well. Sometimes I ran into difficulties with my English, but in the end, I managed to complete the filming. The two actresses were brilliant. I loved working with them.

“The film is the story of a child who is trying to attract its mother’s attention...She just wants to play, but her mother is on the phone.

“Now I am putting the film together. My technicians and I will put in the time needed to create a cool and enjoyable film.

“I am already working on new projects, including another one that I will make in England. I haven’t yet chosen the exact town, but it won’t be Eastbourne. There is an enormous number of beautiful places in this country.”

Ethan came across Eastbourne on the internet, and hopes to move to the UK. “I would like to live in England now. I think the English are much more adorable than the French. Yes, I think I will live here. It is the countryside and the location and the life and the atmosphere of the town. I am so used to France. To be abroad suddenly is great.”