Honor takes time out to share her memories

Honor Blackman with Sean Connery in Pussy Galore
Honor Blackman with Sean Connery in Pussy Galore

Honor takes time out to share her memories

Many, many will remember Honor Blackman as Cathy Gale in the popular 1960’s television show The Avengers and as Bond Girl Pussy Galore in 1964.

Well those stunning characters are just a two of hundreds of stage, television and film roles which has made this enduring British actress a household name.

Honor’s career in entertainment now extends to well over 60 years and she is marking this achievement with a new show in which she appear as herself.

And that show is coming to The Royal Hippodrome Theatre in Eastbourne on Friday, March 7, when, in conversation with director Richard Digby Day, she will recount chapters of her remarkable life.

During her school years in Ealing Honor received acting lessons and started training at the Guildhall School of Music and Drama a year into the Second World War.

“It was strange but as a teenager we didn’t take much notice of the war and I just zipped around London on my motorbike enjoying a wonderful part of my life - as well as dodging the Doodlebugs.

“It’s only when you get a little older and take time to reflect that you realise just how lucky we were.”

Honor’s film debut was a non-speaking part in Fame is the Spur (1947) and other films followed quickly before televisions began to appear in living rooms across the country and sped her rise to stardom.

The Avengers proved massive hit in the mid-1960s and propelled her into the role of Pussy Galore opposite Sean Connery in Goldfinger - the first of only two Bond girls who were older than the actor playing James Bond.

Worldwide fame followed and Honor’s list of stage, film and television credits quickly lengthened - making her arguably the most famous British actress ever.

At the Hippodrome Honor will be in conversation with director Richard Digby Day - recounting stories of her childhood, her rise to stardom and various anecdotes concerning family, friends and colleagues.

“I’ve known Richard for more than 30 years but still surprise him on occasions with some of my answers.

“Obviously the show tends to focus of my career in the entertainment world but there are other passions in my life.

“I’ve followed football, and Fulham in particular, and tennis for many years and am also a passionate member of the Liberal Democrats.

“I know you have a Lib Dem MP in Stephen Lloyd who is doing a good job in Eastbourne and hope he’ll have time to see watch the show.”