Folkington date for TMS duo

Henry Blofeld and Peter Baxter SUS-140521-103816001
Henry Blofeld and Peter Baxter SUS-140521-103816001

Following the success of their show at last year’s Edinburgh Festival Fringe and their recent UK Tour, Henry Blofeld and Peter Baxter invite cricket fans to join them on a trip down memory lane to discover even more fascinating untold stories from the Test Match Special commentary box and beyond. Hear tall tales from across the globe with exclusive behind-the-scenes adventures about the characters that make TMS so special and discover the extraordinary escapades of players both on and off the pitch.

Fresh from Australia and brand new for 2014 get the ‘direct from the booth’ insights on the Ashes plus all the latest on the resulting turmoil in English cricket.

Henry ‘My Dear Old Thing’ Blofeld is one of Britain’s most loved broadcasters and a bastion of the cricketing community. He is as notorious for his hilarious observations as he is for his astute cricket commentary. Peter Baxter was the brain behind TMS for over 34 years; the man tasked with the unenviable position of corralling Henry and his cohorts. Together they offer a hilariously entertaining show for cricket and non-cricket lovers alike.

There will be two shows at Folkington Manor (BN26 5SD) on Saturday, June 7 (3pm/8pm) - each 90 minutes.Box office: