Flog It! comes to Eastbourne

A Chinese teapot was sold at Eastbourne Auction Rooms for �8,650
A Chinese teapot was sold at Eastbourne Auction Rooms for �8,650

AN AUCTION house in Eastbourne is due to be featured on a popular television show.

The BBC’s Flog It! will come to Eastbourne Auction Rooms in Finmere Road in October but residents hoping to be featured on the show are being asked to take their items to Bexhill’s De La Warr Pavilion to be valued.

Show presenter Paul Martin will be welcoming people with their antiques and collectables at the art deco building on Bexhill seafront between 9.30am and 4pm on August 24.

Jeannette May, senior valuer at Eastbourne Auction Rooms, said many people could be sitting on a fortune and should have their items valued.

Jeannette said, “Many people think that granny’s dresser is very valuable but sometimes it is the things in the draws of that dresser that hold the real value. And they are often the things that get thrown away in the rubbish bin.

“People have no idea how valuable things can be.”

Eastbourne Auction Rooms has a general sale every three weeks and Jeannette told the Herald there have been some jaw-dropping moments in recent months.

A small Chinese teapot (pictured above) was recently sold for £8,650 and a Wembley visitors book from 1957 narrowly missed the bin after a contractor ordered to clear out the medical room at the stadium in the 1980s kept hold of the valuable item. He sold it at Eastbourne Auction Rooms for £2,400 in June.

Jeanette said, “We are here to give free advice and we would rather you brought all the items in for us to look at because you never know what could be valuable.”

Eastbourne Auction Rooms has online and telephone bidders at its auctions which means it ships items all over the world.

Jeanette says oriental items are particularly sought after, and gold and silver are also at a record high.

Costume jewellery and broken watches are also selling well at the auction house. Jeanette and the team at Eastbourne Auction Rooms hope the people of Eastbourne will turn out their drawers and take their interesting unwanted items to the De La Warr Pavilion on Wednesday for a chance to cash in and be featured on the Flog It! show in October.