The dance explosion with a Spanish beat

Explosion SUS-150422-114343001
Explosion SUS-150422-114343001

One thing you are guaranteed at the White Rock Theatre Hastings is diversity.

The theatre has brought to the people of Hastings, music, comedy, ice skating and some of Europe’s top entertainers but probably for the first time ever, it brought from Spain and recently London’s West End, a show that is touring the United Kingdom for the very first time and which has already been a hit all over Europe, ‘Explosion’.

This is the brainchild of Spanish dance sensation Jay Markwick and is a combination and fusion of Spanish, Latin, classic and contemporary dance all which has been inspired by ballet.

The first half of the show depicted a love affair story line developing between the lead dancer (Jay Markwick) and the leading lady dancer (Victoria Guijarro Hernandez) all done in spectacular dance moves by Jay and his touring ensemble. The audience were treated to some astonishing dance choreography which was just sensational.

Leading man Jay Markwick who has numerous dance awards, was just mesmerising, you just couldn’t take your eyes off him.

What helped create and enhance this spectacular visual extravagance, was a combination of some amazing background graphics and some colourful costumes changes all of which was done with ease and brought a colourful brilliance to the stage.

The second part of the show took us into the 21st century with some more amazing dance routines (including a sexy nine girl military routine!)

The projected background graphics were also stunning in the second half as was the great violin playing by one of the cast members, oh, and never did I think that I’d see a tap dancing fight with three men, yes it’s all here in this most incredible visual and stunning performance.

Jay Markwick has danced throughout the Iberian Peninsula, picking up many awards on the way.

In September 2014, Jay competed for the World Guinness Book of Records greatest number of spins in one minute.

It sat at 40, Jay completed 83 (however these figures are still to be confirmed by WGBR) A great show and fabulous entertainment.

Check it out at the Towngate Theatre, St Martins Square, Basildon, on Monday 20th April.

Malcolm Robinson