Life is so good for ventriloquist Steve


This been a busy year for Eastbourne ventriloquist Steve Hewlett with a new baby daughter, more puppets and fresh opportunities in the entertainment business.

Since his appearance on Britain’s Got Talent in 2013 and coming fourth in the final with his hilarious Little Simon Cowell and Sinitta creations, Steve has been kept busy in the world of showbiz.

2016 started by him flying American TV ventriloquist Ronn Lucas - who was a great inspiration to him in his early career - over to the UK for a select few performances showcasing the art of ventriloquism, with Steve and Ronn appearing together on Double Talk.

Spring brought a real life doll to the Hewlett household when Steve and his wife Nina’s second daughter Larissa was born, a welcome addition to big sister Lola.

The Summer season was hectic with corporate bookings throughout the UK and an amazing tour experience with American Saxophonist Kenny G including a night at The Royal Albert Hall.

Now the Autumn is here, Steve has been busy touring the Talents of Britain show alongside acts such as Stavros Flatley, Paul Burling, and John Clegg - he recently bought the show to the Royal Hippodrome Theatre in Eastbourne.

The Winter months bring more exciting times as he is due to head to America next month to work with The Osmonds on their show and then bring this Christmas Show back to the UK. The Andy Williams Christmas Extravaganza starring The Osmonds is at the Royal Hippodreome Theatre on December 15. But before he goes Steve is hosting a few intimate gigs to try out his new material including one at the Junction Tavern in Polegate on Sunday November 5 at 8pm.

He said: “Writing a new show is the hardest thing to do, it’s the second album syndrome. But on the night I’ll be “singing” some classics, in other words Arthur Lager will be back but with new lines and a new outlook on his lady friends. I always come back to Eastbourne to try new stuff as I’m blessed to have a loyal following of wonderful people here and they will tell you if they like it or not. I just know I can’t wait till these try-out gigs as I’m laughing thinking about what’s in the show. It’ll be worth it and for the whole family as usual. Thanks to Eastbourne for all the support.”