Folk royalty in Old Chapel Alfriston

Roberts & Lakeman to play the  Old Chapel in Alfriston
Roberts & Lakeman to play the Old Chapel in Alfriston

BBC Folk Award winning duo Kathryn Roberts and Sean Lakeman are set to play at the Old Chapel in Alfriston on Saturday July 9 at 8pm.

To trace the history of this astonishing duo you have to go back to the 1990’s when they were part of the super-group Equation, with Kate Rusby and the other Lakeman brothers, Sam and Seth.

Kate was subsequently replaced by Cara Dillon - who eventually ended up marrying Sam!

A young family was then to interrupt Kathryn and Sean’s musical lives, but they returned to the folk scene in 2012 with an album, a full gig list and were very quickly rewarded with a major prize at the BBC Folk Awards when voted Best Duo, an award they have picked up again in 2016.

During those off the road years Sean had been busy producing a hugely successful run of solo albums including the Mercury Prize nominated Kitty Jay for brother Seth, and working with the likes of The Levellers, Frank Turner, Billy Bragg, Imelda May and Bellowhead.

Kathryn was asked recently to join the iconic 70’s folk rock band Fotheringay, which meant she was stepping into the shoes of the late great Sandy Denny.

In the beautiful setting of Alfriston’s Old Chapel it is all about Sean and Kathryn as a couple and the quality of Kathryn’s voice, for she is undoubtedly one of the best singers around, and Sean’s guitar, sounding so economical and effortless as it weaves it’s ever more complex rhythmic and melodic course through a great set of songs.

Seats £16.50 from 01323 841414.