An entertaining Spotlight sandwich

Spotlight's Last Tango In Grimley
Spotlight's Last Tango In Grimley

Last Tango in Little Grimley was the dramatic “filling” in this particular production by the Spotlight Players, and featured the troubles besetting an amateur drama group consisting of only four members.

Hazel Gausden, as the guileless Joyce, and Sharon Bignell as the more forthright Margaret, raised plenty of laughs.

But the rest of the “sandwich” (music and dancing) also provoked much hilarity amongst the audience, with Barry Parks proving his versatility in his varied impersonations as James Bond, Batman’s Robin and a 50s leather–jacketed rocker.

As well as nostalgic numbers from the 50s and 60s – Elvis, Little Richard and Peggy Lee, there were also catchy hits from other eras – Matthew Gould as Fagin (from Oliver) and the Spotlight girls grouping to sing the menacing “He Had It Coming”. Natasha Gardener’s lovely rendition of the ballad “Billy Don’t Be A Hero” was very poignant. Natasha also co-directed with Wanda Hall, while the superb musical accompaniment was by Wendy Hammond. All proceeds went to the charity, the Children’s Respite Trust.

By Mary Barlow