A fun and lively adaptation of HG Wells’ The Time Machine

Laurence Owen  in The Time Machine
Laurence Owen in The Time Machine

An acclaimed production of H.G. Wells’ The Time Machine comes to the Devonshire Park Theatre on September 21, featuring a rip-roaring original score and a wonderfully witty script a night of theatrical joy.

The future is brought to you from the past in this musical adventure; the year is 1959, the golden age of sci-fi.

A mysterious man George (songwriter, performer and film composer Laurence Owen) arrives at Radio Woking to present a thrilling musical adaptation of H.G. Wells’ classic story assisted by Carrie (performed by comedienne Lindsay Sharman) a producer from the finest cut-glass BBC mold. What ensues is an evening packed with music and laughter, with an original score, inspired live sound effects and the occasional ‘50s style advertising jingle in this musical version of the sci-fi classic.

In the radio show, which is recreated live on stage, George narrates the story of a gentleman scientist who explains to his assembled dinner guests (who are all ingeniously performed by Laurence) how he has developed a machine which transported him 800,000 years into the future.

The machine takes us to a time where mankind has evolved in to two distinct races, the peaceful flower picking lackadaisical Eloi’s and the far darker subterranean Morlock’s who have a hunger to feed.

Tickets are priced £19.50, to book call the box office now on 01323 412000.