Discover how Darwin made his discoveries

The Origin of Species.....(Darwin) SUS-150303-152046001
The Origin of Species.....(Darwin) SUS-150303-152046001

Charles Darwin is hard at work on his new book. To boost sales, his publisher has invited young and not so young naturalists (the audience) to watch him at work.

Easily distracted, Charles can’t resist sharing his family history, songs he has written and some of his new discoveries.

The show promises to get anyone interested in science as John Hinton (as Darwin) tells the incredible story of how Charles discovered the secrets of evolution and why it took him over 20 years before he plucked up the courage to publish his remarkable idea.

Darwin: Origin of the Species at The Under ground Theatre on Friday, March 6 (7.30pm) is a show packed with big ideas, terrible puns, brilliant physical comedy and six cracking original songs about everything from blasted boring barnacles to the perils of marrying your cousin.

Staged by the award-winning Tangram Theatre company, it is the second in a trilogy of great thinkers brought to life. Last year’s ‘Albert Einstein – relativitively speaking’ played to great acclaim at the Under Ground as part of a world tour.

Doors and bar open at 7pm, tickets £9 (UGT members/students/children £7).