Coffee and the Beatles!

If you were at last year’s Beatles morning at the Under Ground Theatre, you won’t want to miss a follow-up show on Saturday, October 5. This time, though, the same performers will sing under a new name, ‘Nothing Is Real’, borrowed from the lyrics of ‘Strawberry Fields’.

The programme has been put together by Hailsham-based singer/guitarist Jon Rose. In 2012, he and his friends put on a stunning performance of more than 20 Beatles’ hits, accompanied by a narrative, telling the story of the Fab Four.

Jon now has now a completely different set-list – so you’ll be able to hear 25 Beatles’ songs not included last time. Also, instead of the chronology of how the group developed, there’ll be quotations (what other people had to say about the Beatles, and what the Beatles had to say about them); and there’ll be poems (remember John Lennon’s “In His Own Write”?), as well as anecdotes, and the stories behind the songs.

It all lasts for two hours, from 10am, with free entry.