Storytelling in the hands of the master director Edgar Reitz

The latest offering by the Eastbourne Film Society at the Curzon Cinema is Home from Home: Chronicle of a Vision.

This is the story of a family living in a village in Germany in the 1840s, also a tale of a community, which reflects the times in which it is set. That is because the two brothers who are the central characters are the sons of a blacksmith and the 1840s was a period when many poor people in Europe had a vision of how different their lives could be if they emigrated to America.

This new film is the work of the octogenarian writer/director Edgar Reitz who made his name with Heimat in 1984. What Reitz provides is the sheer pleasure of storytelling in a way that hooks his audience. Much of his work had been shown on television but it gains from being seen in the cinema since his films look to be designed for the big screen. Home from Home doesn’t seem a minute too long but is close oto four hours, so at the Curzon Part 1 will be shown on Wednesday November 4 and Part 2 a week later.