Seaford artist Herbert Jones and his first landmark show

Herbert Jones exhibition at Longman Gallery in Seaford
Herbert Jones exhibition at Longman Gallery in Seaford

It is not every artist who has a first solo exhibition at the age of 85 - but it happened at Arts@TheCrypt in Seaford this month with the Herbert Jones show A Journey with paint, glass and clay.

Seaford resident Herbert has spent a lifetime engaged with creative arts. Having trained in the design and production of stained glass installations at art college, and working in this field, he went on to become Head of Art and Design at a Community College. On retirement, he taught ceramics in adult education.

For the last 25 years he has concentrated on painting, and his exhibition displayed the wide range of his work, from large oil paintings, both landscape and abstract, to smaller studies in gouache. Paintings were displayed in the modern galleries, and works using clay and glass in the 13th century crypt.

Audrey Longman said: “The exhibition, which showed well over 100 paintings, together with stained glass work and pottery, was a great success. Over 600 people came to see it in the nine days that it was on, 23 pictures were sold, plus two stained glass items, four pottery figures and a large bowl. We were delighted to hear from many that they considered the variety and quality of the paintings to be exceptional, that it was the best exhibition they’d seen there and comments like ‘what a talented artist’ were common. As Herbert Jones’s first large solo exhibition, at 85, it was a landmark in his life.”