Powerful drama to close film society mini-season

A POWERFUL French drama starring Kristin Scott Thomas is the film that brings to an end this year’s Spring Mini-Season presented by the Eastbourne Film Society at the Curzon Cinema.

It screens on May 25, with seats available for the general public and the film in question is Catherine Corsini’s Leaving.

Corsini not only directed the film but wrote it with Gaëlle Macé and together they tell a story in which the key figure is a married woman named Suzanne.

She is married to Samuel, who is played by Yvan Attal, but suddenly – and very much to her own surprise – finds herself strongly attracted to Ivan (Sergi López).

He is a Spaniard who at Samuel’s request has come to carry out work to their family home.

Tales of sudden passion that threaten a marriage are not unfamiliar, but this is a tale told from the woman’s angle and, while not all will approve of Suzanne’s actions, the audience is invited to identify with her and to understand her feelings.

López proves to be a splendid partner for Scott Thomas and he turns in a wholly convincing performance.

Even so it’s her film, and yet another triumph for an actress equally at home whether acting in English or in French as admirers of I’ve Loved You So Long will recall.

She is as memorable here as she was in that film and recently won the Best British Actress Award given by the Evening Standard for this very film.

In addition to the great acting on view one has here a narrative that really intrigues.

The main story is told in flashback but not before one has had an opening scene which includes the sound of a gun being fired in the matrimonial home.

This could be murder, attempted murder or suicide but we don’t know which until the tale reaches its conclusion.

It’s a very clever way of ensuring that the audience is hooked from the start.