Original Irish dance legends taking to the stage at Congress

Celtic Legends
Celtic Legends

THE original live Irish dance experience comes to the Congress Theatre when Celtic Legends takes to the stage on Tuesday, October 2 (7.30pm).

Described as “authentic and unique” this international production has toured mainland Europe for the past nine years, and comes to Eastbourne as part of its first ever UK tour.

Since Celtic Legends started touring in 2002 the production has grown in size and stature and has received critical acclaim as one of the Irish tap dance sensations.

Featuring Ireland’s leading dancers, and with live music performed by award-winning musicians, this Irish dance show is sure to enthrall.

Original music especially composed for this production is performed live, using traditional instruments such as the Ulieann Pipe, the Irish version of the bagpipes.

Born in the mysterious green land on Connermara, Ireland, Celtic Legends began life performing in small venues across France and has since added Europe, China, the United States and South America to the list, proving this is one Irish dance experience not to be missed.

Tickets cost from £18.50-£22.50, call 412000.