Nigel captures character of the sea

The Longest Day by Nigel Greaves SUS-140610-162754001
The Longest Day by Nigel Greaves SUS-140610-162754001

Warm seascapes, landscapes and abstract works make a vibrant and exciting new autumn exhibition at the Nigel Greaves Gallery behind the Grand Hotel in Compton Street, Eastbourne.

The artist is showing a new collection of tranquil seascapes, landscapes, figurative and abstract works produced over the spring and summer months.

The collection has been created to be uplifting and runs in tandem with Nigel’s retrospective exhibition.

The artist seeks to capture the vastness and ever-changing character of the sea featuring a wide-range of contemporary interpretations of beaches, serene calm waters and shorelines.

The new works have been unveiled after a successful summer display. Also featured are some New York and London cityscapes and, as lover of the light on nature, Nigel has orchestrated a highly-colourful palette reflecting the solidarity and energy of his compositions.

The beautiful and richly coloured works are a must see. Nigel says his new seascapes “aim to reflect our enduring fascination and enchantment with the sea.”

The gallery is in the road behind the Grand Hotel, 01323 638268, daily 10am-5pm, Sunday 11am–4pm