Nick contributes to Festival exhibition

Mall Flags by Nick Hebditch
Mall Flags by Nick Hebditch

The paintings of Nick Hebditch will form part of Cityscapes, an exhibition at the Birley Centre, Old Wish Road, part of The Eastbourne Festival 2014.

The exhibition will open Saturdays and Sundays, 11am-4pm from April 19 to May 25, and all of the paintings on show celebrate or comment on the visible and hidden life of the city, both real and imagined.

Nick Hebditch has been commissioned for many private and corporate projects including a number of new Royal Caribbean liners and a London Underground poster.

He has written articles for The Artist and Artists and Illustrators magazines and his work appears in a number of practical art books.

His love of landscape is a relatively recent development in his paintings, which for many years has been dominated by architectural subject matter and cityscapes.

Apart from a wealth of rich subject matter near his home in Kent, Nick enjoys painting views of The Thames Valley, Norfolk and North Yorkshire.

He continues to paint cityscapes of London as well as Venice, Paris, Barcelona and the South of France.

“A particular fascination continues to be the Thames seen at night,” says Nick.

“The theme of buildings reflected in water so recurrent in Venice seems echoed here on a larger scale.”

Although working largely in acrylic and oil at present, Nick sporadically explores new ideas in his work through his response to light, colour, and a variety of media.

He exhibits at a number of leading galleries and art fairs around England and shows regularly at the Mall Galleries in London.