Melancholoic ‘mindscapes’

Green Light Wanes by Elizabeth Magill
Green Light Wanes by Elizabeth Magill

AN ENTIRELY new body of work - never before seen in the UK - is on display at the Towner until June 19.

Green Light Wanes is by painter Elizabeth Magill.

Relatively small in scale compared to previous work, these paintings represent an exciting new direction for Magill.

The Towner already holds two of her larger scale works in its collection, and as such both gallery and artist were keen to continue this relationship to present the UK premiere of her latest work.

The new artworks form a series of compelling and melancholic ‘mindscapes’ featuring haunting figures, romantic landscapes and a tantalising play between depiction and suggestion.

The gallery is hosting a special Elizabeth Magill weekend on May 21-22, with talks, film screenings and an interactive family day.

Matthew Rowe, artistic director of the Towner, said “This new body of work represents an exciting progression in Magill’s practice and we are delighted to present its UK premiere – with this also being Towner’s first solo painting exhibition.”