Leviathon about to weigh in at Curzon

The Eastbourne Film Society presents one of the most highly acclaimed foreign films from last year for its first screening of 2016.

This takes place at the Curzon Cinema next Wednesday, January 13, with seats available for the public. The film is Oscar-nominated Leviathan from Russia directed by Andrey Zvyagintsev.

The tale told in Leviathan centres on local corruption in a coastal town in the north-west of Russia. A householder, Kolia, has long cherished the house there in which he lives and which he now shares with his second wife, Lilya, and a teenage son from his first marriage. However, he finds that his property is so situated that the land is needed for a proposed development supported by the ambitious mayor of the town. Kolia challenges the attempt to take over his property for which an inadequate payment is proposed and he summons from Moscow a childhood friend, Dmitri, because this man is a lawyer and should be able to help him.

While the story of Leviathan also develops in other ways, this central issues dealing with corruption is one readily recognisable irrespective of this particular setting. Nevertheless, it is part of the impact of this daring drama that Leviathan in indicting church and state contains episodes that suggest a wider relevance.