Glorious cinematic adult fairy tales

Tale of Tales
Tale of Tales

A feast for the eyes: that is what is on offer next Wednesday (September 14) at the Curzon Cinema when for one day only the rapturously beautiful Italian film Tale of Tales will be shown.

This is the time of year when summer’s end also brings to a close the cinema season of blockbusters and on 21st September the Curzon will welcome back the Eastbourne Film Society with the award-winning drama Theeb .

But, ahead of that, the Curzon has made its own selection from the films that have reached us from Europe in recent months,

Tale of Tales made by the Italian director Matteo Garrone is an ambitious work that blends together three fairy tales from a collection by Giambattista Basile (1566 - 1632). But, while in the classic manner these stories feature kings and queens, an ogre and other creatures at home in the fantastical world of fairy tales, these pieces are not aimed at children (the film has a “15” certificate).

Instead the film conjures up a world of its own which will appeal to adult audiences looking for something different and ready to appreciate quality acting from the likes of Salma Hayek, Toby Jones and Shirley Henderson. Anyone put off by subtitles need not hesitate because, despite the quintessentially Italian tone of this film, it is performed in English without ever seeming incongruous. However, it is the look of Tale of Tales that is its strongest feature and this film could well bolster tourism in Italy for years to come.