Fun science event for children with local author

The Pocket Science Festival feels like a funfair but has a nugget of science in every attraction - it was designed to teach and tease by Richard Robinson, science showman and director of the Brighton Science Festival

Richard is best known for building and voicing puppets for the television series Spitting Image. He also played Bungle in the 1994-1995 revival of the children’s series Rainbow. The festival includes The Incredible Machine, The Amazing Shrinking Puppet Booth, Upside-down Goggles, and Fun, Frights, Fabulosity.

Come along to this event designed to take you into the world of science. Aimed at children aged 7–10, this experience is interactive with a collection of experiments designed to make science fun.

Saturday August 22 from 10-4pm. at Eastbourne Under Ground Theatre (below the library, Grove Rd).   Tickets £4 for all ages 7+. Under 7s free. £14 for a family of 4. Children must be accompanied by an adult. Doors and coffee-bar open from 9.30pm.