FILM: Wonderful seafront puts Eastbourne in the picture

A scene from the Brighton Rock
A scene from the Brighton Rock

THE CURTAIN rises on the film Brighton Rock on Thursday (February 3) - but most audiences will be unaware that the picturesque town on the silver screen for much of the movie is Eastbourne, not Brighton.

Paul Webster, the producer of Brighton Rock, said, “The choice to go to Eastbourne to shoot all the pier stuff was really thrust upon us, because it was so difficult practically to work in Brighton. It’s such a busy modern place and the pier itself has been entirely modernised.

“So it was a no-brainer once we saw Eastbourne really, which has a pier and a seafront which is entirely in period.

“Of course, there was a little bit of anxiety. Are we betraying the truth of the project?

“But let’s face it, films get made wherever they need to get made and nobody worries that Trainspotting is set in Edinburgh but was shot principally in Glasgow!”

When filming took place in October 2009 the assistant location manager told the Herald Eastbourne’s seafront had “charm” and “filmic value”.

Andrea Riseborough, the female lead, also praised Eastbourne and its “untouched” seafront.

She said, “Being part of the recreation of the heat in Brighton at the time was amazing.

“On set when we had the Mods and the Rockers, some of them were the real thing and they were brilliant.

“Rowan had a megaphone and was telling them to start the chant and as soon as he started they took over and as soon as that happened the rockers started their chant, then basically he just started filming.

“It was wonderful and meant it was an easy transition to that world, it really felt like being there.

“Eastbourne has a wonderful antiquated feel to it; it’s kind of untouched.”