CINEMA: Groundbreaking film is second movie in spring ‘mini-season’

THE SECOND film in the Spring Mini-Season from the Eastbourne Film Society at the Curzon Cinema with seats for the general public is a ground-breaking work.

Playing next Wednesday, March 30, it is Chico & Rita, a film which although an animated feature is aimed at adults and not at children.

It has a 15 certificate and tells a love story concerning a young pianist named Chico and a singer named Rita.

Their tale begins in Cuba in 1948 and the film brilliantly varies its visual style to contrast Havana and New York which, despite side trips to Paris, Las Vegas and Hollywood, provide the two main settings.

The film has not only been acclaimed for its visual panache but for its appeal as a musical.

Cuba’s Bebo Valdés has provided the music which not only engages us with Latin rhythms but also pays tribute to the jazz giants of the past such as Charlie Parker and Dizzie Gillespie.

Chico & Rita is a remarkably original creation which proves both exhilarating and touching and is never less than captivating.

It is not quite like anything that you have ever seen before.