Cinema: Film highlights social and political issues in Brazil

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BRAZIL is the setting for the latest attraction presented by the Eastbourne Film Society at the Curzon Cinema.

The film is Birdwatchers and it will be screened on January 26, with seats available for the general public.

The film-maker is Marco Bechis who was born in 1955 of a Chilean mother and an Italian father in Santiago del Chile.

He has become a citizen of the world but in turning to cinema he has consistently shown a concern for social and political issues.

This is in keeping with a particular interest that he has in campaigns to defend Indian populations living in countries such as Peru and Ecuador.

It was this which led him to stumble across information about the native peoples, the Guarani-Kaiowa, who live in the southern part of Brazil close to the border with Paraguay.

Their plight as a persecuted minority with a high suicide rate moved him to such an extent that he felt compelled to make a film to show the world what was happening to them.

The result is Birdwatchers which is not a documentary but a powerful personal story using actors.

Nevertheless it was created in order to reflect the truth about the situation of these people exactly as in real life.

No one who sees this film can have any doubt about it being a passionate labour of love for the film-maker, and it brings home to us aspects of life in Brazil of which many of us could be ignorant.