Beautiful African paintings bring some colour to theatre

African art
African art

THE SECOND exhibition in the Under Ground Theatre’s new “art space” provides a unique opportunity to view a private collection of modern African paintings being shown in public for the first time (August 31-September 29).

These dramatic and colourful images are the work of sophisticated young francophone artists emerging from Togo in West Africa in the decade from 1992.

They represent the dynamic role that contemporary Africa is playing in the divide between tradition and modernity.

During a long period living in West Africa, Eastbourne-based Jeni King became fascinated by the remarkable work of local artists who were just beginning to reach a wider audience. She went to exhibitions in the Togolese capital, Lomé, and also visited this new generation of artists at work in their studios.

This collection is the result. Jeni King says she is delighted to have an opportunity of sharing it with people who might well be unaware of how exciting modern art in Africa has become.

Most of the artists featured are now living and exhibiting in Europe and the United States.

As it did during the opening exhibition of the “Art Under Ground” project, the UGT will open especially for art-lovers from 10am to 4pm every Friday. Opening hours on Saturday, when there’s live music onstage in the mornings, will also be extended until 4pm.