A gripping post-war drama set in Poland

Ida to be shown at the Eastbourne Curzon
Ida to be shown at the Eastbourne Curzon

The winner of this year’s Oscar for Best Film in a Foreign Language was the Polish drama Ida.

It plays at the Curzon Cinema next Wednesday, October 7, as the second presentation in their new season by the Eastbourne Film Society. As ever seats are available for the public.

Ida is set in 1962 and concerns an 18-year-old girl brought up in an orphanage who is about to become a nun. However, the mother superior encourages her leave the convent in order to visit her one known relative, an aunt. When she does so she makes unexpected discoveries about her past including the fact that her real name is not Anna but Ida.

The film may be wide-ranging in what it has to say about the Poland of the period, but it is also a gripping and, indeed, suspenseful tale as both central figures, the girl and her aunt, come to a crisis point in their lives.