A chance to view local rare birds in amazing detail

Birds On The Edge exhibition at Seaford Head
Birds On The Edge exhibition at Seaford Head

Sussex photographer Trevor Dickens will be holding his debut exhibition showcasing the cliffs at Seaford Head as they have never been seen before.

Birds On The Edge draws you into the intimacy of the bird life on the blustery cliff edges with huge photographs of the cliffs and kittiwake colony in unprecedented detail.The remarkable habitat within these rapidly eroding cliffs goes mostly unseen with its many facets, layers of flint and intriguing colours of mineral, flora and fauna. Adults can be seen caring for chicks on precarious ledges, as well as taking on fearsome fights with ravens and skuas to protect them.

The free exhibition will run over the summer in the National Trust Visitor Centre at Birling Gap, East Dean, from Wednesday June 27 until Sunday August 5.

Trevor said: “I’ve lived in East Sussex for over 20 years and have always been so captivated by the beauty of the coastline, as well as being a bird lover. I wanted to create a series of images that shows the grandeur of these iconic cliffs and the detail of the kittiwake colony. It was crucial to capture the series from a distance to appear “face on” thus grasping the sheer magnitude of the landscape. Thankfully the Spit Head at Seaford Head provided the platform, and the high quality optics enabled me to capture crystal clear images.”

The kittiwake was recently added to the list of birds considered to be facing the risk of global extinction, and according to the RSPB numbers have declined by approximately 40% since the 1970s. The colony at Seaford Head is the largest between Lincolnshire and Dorset.

Trevor’s other work exhibited includes photorgraphy of other local birds such as short eared owls from the Pevensey Levels.