Feel the suspense of this Nightmare

'A terrifying dream, impression or experience accompanied with a feeling of suffocation and inability to move or speak.'

Thursday, 28th April 2016, 10:58 am

That’s the definition of nightmare and sets the scene for the next production at Seaford Little Theatre on May 13-21.

Nightmare is described by its author, Norman Robbins, as a suspense thriller.

Directed by Margaret Kennedy, this enigmatic play concerns elderly authoress, Marion Bishop, whose home is situated on the moors at the edge of a small village. Marion is very successful at her craft and, as a consequence, more than comfortably off, but her health is not all it should be and she requires a lot of care. In her immediate circle of contacts are her primary carer, Katherine Willis, whose brother, Michael, tends to the garden, the local physician, Dr Thorne, a private nurse, Laura Vinnecombe and the owner of the village shop, Doris Meacham. Then there is also Marion’s nephew, Raymond Shapley, the black sheep of the family. As deceit, suspicion, blackmail and incrimination are subtly woven into a web of intrique, the story is brought to a shocking and dramatic climax. The cast includes Angie Wright as Marion, Mary Young as Doris, Peter Barnes as Michael, Trish Richings as Laura, Stephen Cowles as Raymond, Alan Lade as Dr Thorne, and the debut at Seaford of Sally Burns in the pivotal role of Katherine.

Evening performances commence at 7.45pm and the matinée on Saturday May 14 is at 2.30pm. You can buy tickets from Redgold Opticians, 32 Broad Street, Seaford. Postal applications should be sent to: David Backhouse, 62 Stafford Road, Seaford, BN25 1UA. They must be accompanied by a cheque made out to ‘Seaford Dramatic Society’ and SAE. It is also possible to reserve tickets by email for collection and payment on the door. Send your application to: [email protected] Tickets are £8, but £7 for the matinée.