Eastbourne teenager stars alongside Idris Elba

An Eastbourne girl is starring in a TV show with Idris Elba.

Friday, 24th May 2019, 4:29 pm
Isabelle Allen

Isabelle Allen was propelled to stardom at age 10 when she featured as the iconic poster image for the 2012 film Les Miserables, having been cast as young Cosette in the world-famous musical’s big screen adaptation.

Now 17, the Eastbourne College student’s career has blossomed in the years since.

Izzy will star alongside Idris Elba in In The Long Run.

She recently starred as Carrie Delaney in Netflix show Safe and was cast as Morgan beside Gary Oldman and Jessica Alba in Killers Anonymous, to be released this summer.

Izzy has been filming with Idris Elba and Bill Bailey in a Sky comedy series based on Elba’s earlier life in the 1980s.

She plays the James Bond hopeful’s former girlfriend in the series, which is called In The Long Run.

Asked how she feels about working alongside such famous names she told the Herald, “I love it. All of the actors I have been lucky enough to work with have been wonderful.

“Some may be big names but that are just lovely people and always fun and happy to give me advice.”

The youngster has had to balance her Hollywood career with studying for her A-Levels.

She said, “It’s always a challenge but my school is so supportive and so are the production teams.

“I was really pleased with my GCSE results and I am now preparing for A Levels next year.”

Aged 15, Isabelle won Best Under-18 Actor at the Los Angeles International Film Festival Awards for her role in Superboy: Son of Tomorrow in 2016.

She was awarded the prize at her former school Moira House by British director Matthew Rowney.

She landed her Les Miserables role after being spotted in a school play, and worked alongside Hugh Jackman, Anne Hathaway and Helena Bonham Carter.