"Bright, bold pop art with seaside sauce" in Brighton

Seaside Sauce offers an art exhibition by Dave Pop! in the Fishing Quarter Gallery, Brighton Seafront from September 16-22.

Friday, 18th September 2020, 10:00 am
On show

Dave is a Brighton-based artist, promising “bright, bold pop art, with a generous topping of seaside sauce!”

He says the gallery will be the perfect setting with its “cheeky, kitsch me quick, style.”

“There are six brand-new paintings of classical nudes in a modern Pop Art style, and four prints of reworked favourites with plenty of Brighton references.

“One painting depicts Dionysus, the debauched Greek god of wine and fertility, reclining in his gold Versace thong in front of Brighton Pavilion – a fitting setting, considering the original inhabitant, The Prince Regent, is famous for his decadent, hedonistic lifestyle. Something that seems to have set the tone to Brighton itself.

“Another painting, inspired by a classical relief, depicts three toga-clad revellers looking slightly worse for wear, but still blowing theirs horns and banging drums. A scene from Ancient Greece, but not so different from modern day clubbers with just enough energy for an after-party at dawn on the beach. The words Pleasure and Delight taken from a carousel, peak out from behind the club kids to reveal their true desire.”

The art process always starts with drawing, Dave explains. “Pencil sketches are then refined into ink drawings, then scanned, digitally manipulated, printed and painted over, creating a collage of Brighton images, brush strokes, splatters, spots and comic book style illustrations.

“I have always loved classical nudes, but I see them as not so different to saucy postcards. It’s no accident that those pesky togas always seem to slip and show just a little extra flesh!”

Dave Pop! was born in Swansea in 1969, studied fine art at Coventry University and moved to Brighton in the early 90s. The lure of the city’s exotic night life saw Dave becoming a club kid, wearing outrageous outfits, and even making them for local drag queens. He also became a wannabe pop star and had a single released Am I In Love Or Am I Insane.

“Sadly, it failed to set the charts aflame, but there are still many videos on YouTube. Too Much Make Up is definitely worth checking out.”

After failing to find fame and fortune in the music world, Dave left it all behind worked as a chocolatier. He used his talents to create outrageous chocolate sculptures for the rich and famous, including Kylie Minogue, Jackie Collins and Boy George. Ironically, it was while working at Choccywoccydoodah, Dave found some fame at last: he was a main character in seven series of Choccywoccydoodah the TV show, which is still aired now.

Choccy closed last year, so Dave has taken this opportunity to launch himself as a full-time artist. Seaside Sauce is his second solo show. Dave has previously exhibited in the Theatre Royal Brighton, Brush Gallery and various bars, as well as murals for Brighton Palace Pier, the Fallen Angel, L.O.M. fashion, the Farm Tavern, the Pink House, William IV and many others around Brighton.