Renowned course designer Mackenzie celebrated at Willingdon

Alister MacKenzie
Alister MacKenzie

Willingdon are one of a select group of golf clubs designed by the famous Dr. Alister MacKenzie and this week entertained the Alister MacKenzie Golf Society.

Other clubs include Littlestone, Burnham and Berrow and Moortown in the UK, as well as Augusta National, Cypress Point in the USA, Royal Melbourne in Australia, Lahinch in Ireland and the Jockey Club in Buenos Aires, but this week it was Willingdon’s turn to host Robert Fletcher and co.

Fletcher brought his team of MacKenzie enthusiasts to the south-east but could not get the better of a team of John Payne, Michael Sibbering, Colin Wood, John Heald, Roy Schofield, Mike Williams, Dave Gellatly, Barry Alford, Bob Murdock and Mac Campbell as Willingdon won by three games to one, with one match halved.

Following the match, Fletcher presented captain John Payne with a special plaque to commemorate their visit to another MacKenzie course and commended them the club on the excellent presentation of the course.

Malcolm guides vets to double

Elsewhere, Willingdon achieved a fine win over Pyecombe Vets in wet and windy conditions earlier this month.

Captain Malcolm Rolfe, together with Roy Schofield, halved their match against Pyecombe’s Captain Aubrey Watson and Tony Maynard. The rest of Willingdon’s team took their matches to record a score line of seven wins with one match halved.

However, things weren’t quite as straight-forward for Willingdon when East Brighton paid a visit in mid June, but they managed to triumph with four games won, three lost and one halved.

Captain Malcolm continued his fine form and, together with Sean O’Neil, set the ball rolling with a 2/1 win over East Brighton’s Captain and partner.

The match remained in the balance until the last as steady pairing of Rodger Savage and Rodger Brookwell came home winners 1 up.

Copthorne Seniors proved too much of a tough test for Willingdon as they lost by four games to three with one match halved earlier this month.

Captain Malcolm fought hard to retain his seasons unbeaten record but finally had to accept defeat at the hands of Copthorne’s Captain Tom Saville, losing 1 down.