Taekwondo stars impress at English Championships

Ken James Academy
Ken James Academy

The Taekwondo Association of Great Britain English Championships took place recently with many Eastbourne and Lewes stars taking part.

The TAGB champs took place on Sunday, March 22 with many local athletes picking up awards.

Twins and beginners Tasia and Bibi Maczaj-Cox, who have come from America, entered cadet girls yellow and green patterns division at the lowest level. Tasia won gold, in middleweight, and Bibi won silver, in heavyweight.

The Maczaj-Cox twins were competing against girls up to blue stripe, which is an extra year of training. They also passed their yellow belts three days before the tournament with an A.

Sam Monson also moved up to blue and red belt cadet boys. He won his first fight and then lost out to the winner who is taking his black belt in April. He also competed in a harder event called continuous sparring- picking up a bronze medal.

Katie Humphries sparred in blue belt middleweight girls and won her first fight. She then went on to dislocate her shoulder in her second fight -a rare occurrence that no one was really sure how it happened.

Humphries showed great character and commitment and very bravely had her shoulder put back in at the tournament using her own belt!

This meant her father Barry Humphries couldn’t compete as he took her to hospital.

Michele Cavallin put in a short appearance winning bronze in the light heavyweight black belts. The Lewes taekwondo coach has endured a difficult year with heath issues preventing her from reaching her peak.

World Champion Cavallin, is a fourth Dan, and an instructor for the Ken James Taekwondo Academy in Sussex.

After a long and illustrious career in taekwondo which includes being selected for the England squad and winning over 20 nation and local medals, Cavallin’s recent health issues have forced the teacher to consider the possibility of retiring something she didn’t foresee at the start of the year.

Next up is the BTC ladies and junior tournament which comprises all the TKD associations in the UK and has never been done before.

Brother and sister Toby and Matty Hutchinson will be joining Cavallin for those tournements where the little Lewes club will look to continue to impress on the big stage.

The tiger class is growing in popularity though with about 15 students now training from ages four to eight years of age. The club’s very first tiger Sam Wescott is taking his yellow stripe this week.

Cavallin will be back training in the YMCA hall on Thursday, April 9 and is looking to recruit more members.

Although Lewes is a small club the caliber of fighting and patterns that has been seen at recent competitions is outstanding.

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