Sewage may be used to heat Eastbourne swimming pool

Sewage from the town’s main sewer pipe could be used to heat Eastbourne’s Sovereign Centre.

Tuesday, 3rd September 2019, 11:04 am
Sovereign Centre in Eastbourne (Photo by Jon Rigby) SUS-190209-141735008

Extracting embedded energy in the sewer system could meet heat requirements of the seafront leisure centre, reduce the town’s overall carbon footprint and bring in an income.

In a report by council officials, it is suggested a stand alone energy centre could be built close to the centre and potentially provide low carbon heat.

A spokesperson said, “Heat is obtained by taking the liquid sewage and passing it over a heat exchanger which, with a separate loop, extracts the heat and pipes it to where it is needed – specifically at the moment the Sovereign Centre.

”Last year officers agreed to investigate the feasibility of a number of clean-energy solutions which could reduce the overall carbon impact of the Sovereign Centre.

“This work has been carried and concludes it could be financially viable to meet heat requirements of the centre by extracting the embedded energy in the low sewer system.

However, further detailed design work and contractual discussions need to take place to ensure this continues to be an investable solution.”

The council believes the energy centre could be developed to it could provide energy for other types of development and the authority could also get cash back under an incentive scheme.

Officers are asking the council’s decision making cabinet committee to agree a budget of up to £115,000 to carry out additional feasibility and design work for an energy centre and if it is viable, a decision to invest will be considered in February.