Young Rovers athletes light up the track in Lewes

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A bright and sunny evening set the scene for some great athletics in the Under-15 League at Lewes last week.

Eastbourne Rovers boys got off to a fantastic start scoring first place in both the 300m races, with Jamie Eyres running a time of 41.1secs in the A stream and Dylan Halpin registering a winning time of 47.6 seconds in the B stream race.

Marcus Hinchon gave a strong performance and secured second place in both the 100m (13.0 secs) and 200m(26.8secs).

The girls were equally as impressive on the track with Issey Siggs gaining second place in the 300m with 46.2 secs and third place in 800m with a time of 2.41 mins.

Ellie Mackay finished 3 stream in 49.9secs, while Alice Fenton secured second place in the 100m with 13.7 secs and Rebecca Morris crossed the line third in the 100m hurdles with 15.3secs.

Millie O ‘Hara and Mary Adeniji gained second (28.7secs)and third place(29.7secs) in the 200m. On the field, Harry Willingham came third in the shot with a throw of 5.56m.

Sophia Cunningham, Mary Adeniji and Dylan Halpin all put in good performances in the long jump with Dylan jumping 4.40m. Rebecca Morris came third in the javelin with a throw of 14.94 m.

The evening ended with drama in the girls relay as the team lost their lead due to a clumsy changeover. However, they managed to fightback to gain a respectable fourth place.

Coach Sue Keen said, “Those that attended really enjoyed experience of competition.”

She later added that the coaches and team managers feel it is a huge pity that, despite the club having a waiting list, they are still only able to field a team of four boys for the under-15 league.