University boxers pass thorough examination

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Brighton University hosted an explosive boxing show at the Hillbrow Sports Centre in a fantastic exhibition of local boxing talent.

On a bitterly cold afternoon the temperature soared inside the ring as 11 bouts took place involving nine different clubs from across the south-east region.

The University boxing club were the stars of their own show, winning all four of their bouts, including debut wins for Richard ‘Brummie’ Keating and Alexandra ‘Frosty’ Frost.

Coach and organiser Adam Haniver said, “It was a cigar day to win all our fights and they are very rare. Everyone executed their jobs very well and it was a great day.”

The show was held at the Eastbourne campus with boxers and coaches coming from as far as Runnymede in north Surrey and Surbition in outer London to compete in front of 200 supporters and officials.

Glamour was provided as each boxer entered with walk-in music with strobe lighting.

Richard Keating who won the fight of the night award said, “I’m hyped and ecstatic - there are blokes who’ve had ten plus fights so for me to win fight of the night in my first fight is amazing.”

One female match took place between Alexandra Frost, Brighton University and Tess Dady, Surbition which demonstrated the new buzz of female boxers off of the London Olympics.

Coach Haniver said, “Alex didn’t box as well as she could but boxed clever and pressured the girl.

“She managed to make the fighter make mistakes and win it.”

“I’m hoping that people will go away and talk about the show. Hopefully we’ll put on another in March or May.

“We want to show them we have great boxers here and it is a stong boxing town not just some sleepy town by the sea.”

There was dominate home support throughout from the fans but a strong sense of sportsmanship and respect for each boxer was evident.

Coach Haniver gave credit to the other clubs participation and hopes they can continue to progress together.