U14 Lions undone by Worthing giant

Eastbourne Lions basketball club U14 team met their match last Sunday as they hosted Wothing D&D, who arrived equipped with the threat of six foot tall A. Vincent.

After the first quarter, it was clear the Lions defence needed to do all that they possibly could to defend the home basket from such a tall opposition player, who was continuously challenged under the basket by Lions’ L. Montgomery.

The game crawled by chasing the points as the U14 Lions were not willing to give up and saw the first quarter finish 17-22 to Worthing.

As under-basket shooting range was cut off by the giant teenageron the D&D team, shooting guards from the Lions team where instructed to make more shots out of perimeter.

Unfortunately, that did not help much and Lions home team still stayed behind by eight points.

Desperation to chase points on offense lead to some mistakes on the defensive side of Lions’ team and this quickly afforded scoring opportunities to the opposition.

This saw the third quarter end up 56-66 and the match ended 79-93 to D&D.

Coach Lukas praised his team as they worked as hard as they could and always reminded them that “all games are about winning or loosing and you have to be ready to take both those conditions to account before stepping on this court.”

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