Tulley tuned-in after a new sponsor deal

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Eastbourne golfer Maria Tulley is excited from the benefits of signing a four-year sponsorship deal with Tradesmith Ltd for the 2013 season.

The Hailsham-based company’s funding has enabled the 26-year-old to enter more tournaments and boosted her chances of progressing from an impressive 2012 campaign.

Tulley finished fifth on the Women’s PGA Tour while working full-time at Wellshurst Golf and County Club. She is delighted by her first sponsorship contract which has allowed her to hire a conditioning coach and concentrate on her sport.

“It gives me more time to practise for a tournament and I can focus on golf a bit more. I’m only working one or two days a week,” Tulley said.

Tulley played in Morocco in December which offered the top 30 golfers a place on the Ladies European Tour (LET). Unfortunately, she missed out and was advised to get funding by a competitor.

“One of the golfers who got a card said your golf is very good and you need to try and get some financial help to compete fully,” she stated.

In her first LET Access Series (LETAS) event of this year, Tulley finished 54th at the Dinard Ladies Open in Northern France and was encouraged by her second-round score of 72.

She said, “My golf has improved. In the second round I went out a bit more relaxed and I could have been five shots better off.”

Her main aim of the season is to enter more LETAS events. Tulley played in three across Spain in 2012, finishing 23rd in Barcelona. She is striving to build on this achievement.

“I was going into events under-prepared. The golfers I was playing on tour had 15 or 16 events a year. I’m hoping to play in about seven or eight events this year,” she said.

Qualifying for the British Open eluded Tulley in 2012 and she cited the prestigious major as her most-anticipated tournament, which begins on July 15. “The big one is qualifying for the British Open at Berkshire. I’m trying to make sure I peak at that time and I would have hopefully played in three or four of the LET events,” Tulley added.

Mark Hutchinson, Tradesmith’s Managing Director said, “Maria is without doubt an exciting and gifted player with huge potential. We are extremely proud to be associated with her and look forward to her continued success over the next four years and the achievement of her ambition to be a top European player.”

If she can reach the famous St.Andrew’s course then numerous companies will be rushing to contact the Truro-born golfer, whose fame could continue to rise.