Top five riders searching for on-track consistency

Cameron Woodward
Cameron Woodward

A fantastic effort in the early stages by the Eagles was in vain as they went down fighting at King’s Lynn’s Norfolk Arena on Wednesday evening.

It had proved a valiant performance from the Sussex side in the first 10 heats, the Eagles supplying six of the race winners during that time, twice drawing level throughout the course of the meeting and even flirting with the lead, forging a 22-20 advantage after seven races.

Plus points for the Eagles was the early form of Adam Shields, two wins in his opening two rides, including a rare home defeat for Stars number one Niels-Kristian Iversen and the latter showing from Denis Gizatullin who wrested 8-points.

Both sides could point to mechanical gremlins Rory Schlein suffered two engine failures while Eastbourne skipper was denied the possibility of a 5-1 shared with Simon Gustafsson in the seventh when his motor died on the third lap.

In the final run down, it was the Stars who held many of the Aces as the match moved past the interval stage, four 5-1’s in the space of six races effectively ensuring that it would be job done for the home side.

Eastbourne did stage a late rally, a penultimate race 5-1 putting them within sight of a bonus point but it was not to be as Iversen took the last race to wrap up the spoils for the Stars

The match ended on a note of controversy however, Korneliussen just shading third place from Pedersen for the 4-2 but in the process almost running into the back of Woodward who seemed to shut off as he crossed the line.

This appeared to anger the home rider and a frank exchange of views apparently followed after the riders returned to the pits in what was to prove an unsavoury end to proceedings.

All in all, it was to prove a case of so near, yet so far for the Eagles as their quest to pick up points away from Arlington continues. Inconsistency, particularly from the top five of the side would appear to be the root cause of the problem, one that the club’s management will undoubtedly be keen to address.

Stars : Niels-Kristian Iversen 13+1(5), Sebastian Alden 12+1(5), Mads Korneliussen 9+1(5), Simon Stead 7+2(4), Kozza Smith 5(3), Rory Schlein 4(4), Nicolai Klindt 1+1(4). - 51

Eagles : Cameron Woodward 9+1(4), Denis Gizatullin 9(5), Adam Shields 7(4), Bjarne Pedersen 6(5), Lukas Dryml 4(4), Simon Gustafsson 4(4), Timo Lahti 0(3). – 39