So close but Wolves’ unbeaten top order deny Geer’s men

The Eagles came agonisingly close to claiming another Elite League point with which to maintain their Play Off charge at Wolverhampton’s Monmore Green stadium on Monday evening.

In the event it was the overall dominance contained within the hosts top order that proved decisive, unbeaten performances from Tai Woffinden and Fredrik Lindgren steering Wolverhampton to a 49-41 victory and a valuable three match points as they bid to move away from the lower reaches of the table.

Eleven heat victories in favour of the Wolves to the Eagles four was another factor instrumental in the visitors missing out on any reward from the clash, however they kept the scores close throughout the contest, only finally falling out of contention in the closing stages of the match.

A tentative start from the Sussex side saw Wolverhampton claim maximum points from the opening heat, home hero Lindgren combining with Ty Proctor to see off the challenge of Eagles duo Bjarne Pedersen and Cameron Woodward in comfortable fashion.

The visitors were to prove far less accommodating in the second however, Woodward making good his first race experience to follow team mate Timo Lahti to the chequered flag to level the scores at 6-points apiece, Wolverhampton reserves Ricky Wells and Lubos Tomicek making little impact at the rear of the field.

It was not all doom and gloom however, with Coventry and Peterborough, each still considered dark horses capable of gate crashing the Play Off party, both winning their respective home matches against each other there was little damage done with regard to their League position, the Eagles remaining handily placed in the section with their destiny in their own hands with three home meetings still to contest.

Wolves: Tai Woffinden 15(5), Fredrik Lindgren 14+1(5), Peter Karlsson 9+1(4), Ty Proctor 7+2(5), Ricky Wells 2+1(5), James Grieves 2(4), Lubos Tomicek 0(3).

Eagles: Cameron Woodward 9+2(7), Lewis Bridger 9+1(5), Simon Gustafsson 8+2(6), Bjarne Pedersen 5+1(4), Joonas Kylmakorpi 5+1(4), Timo Lahti 5+1(4), Rider Replacement for Lukas Dryml.