Six-year-old Lewy hits a hole-in-one

Lewy Lawrence with Royal Eastbourne pro Lawrence Collier
Lewy Lawrence with Royal Eastbourne pro Lawrence Collier

Some golfers can go their whole lives and never register a hole-in-one so young Royal Eastbourne golfer Lewy Lawrence thought he would get in there early (writes Derren Howard).

Aged just six-years-old, Lewy teed-up on the 122 yard par three ninth on the Hartington course.

After a quick discussion with his father Wayne Lawrence, Lewy pulled a driver from the bag and aimed up the left side of the fairway. The youngster, who is coached by Royal Eastbourne pro Lawrence Collier, connected beautifully. The ball took a nice hop forward and rolled inwards on the glently sloping fairway and on to the green towards the pin that was placed on the right. Lewy’s Father Wayne, who in contrast over-hit his tee shot through the back of the green, said, “We knew it would be close because he hit the right line from the tee as everything slopes down towards the right.

“As we walked to the green we couldn’t see the ball so we checked the hole and there it was.

“Lewy was quite calm about it to be honest. He did lay down on the floor in celebration but he seemed to find it more amusing that I took a five and he did it in one shot!”

The young ace has been swinging a club since the age of two and has been a member of the Ryal Eastbourne junior section for two years.

Wayne added, “Lewy just took to golf straight away and he really enjoys it.

“I don’t play that much golf but I introduced Lewy to it and it’s something he wants to do.”

It was a double celebration for Lewy as he turned seven on Thursday.

Club secretary David Lockyer said, “It’s quite amazing. As far as I’m aware he’s the youngest golfer to achieve a hole-in-one at the Royal.”