Peter remains cool in final to black ball Paul

The Eastbourne Championship snooker singles final was won by Dolphin A potter Peter Buckland.

The best of seven frames played at the Glastonbury Snooker Club last Thursday was between Buckland the captain of Dolphin A and Paul Goacher, the captain of Railway A.

The opening frame was a tense affair. Peter got into his stride and an early lead with a 25 break.

Paul responded with a score of 20, the frame score was in Paul’s favour with the last three colours left.

Peter potted a good Blue moving the pink into a potable position. He took the pink and the black to record the opening frame 53-49.

The second frame also went down to the black. Peter fluked the brown to set himself up for the blue and pink and left the black for the frame. Peter went for the black missed and left it fairly safe.

Paul missed the black attempting a fine cut into the top pocket and Peter took the Black and frame 68-67 for a 2-0 lead.

Peter now with confidence and in full flow took frame three with ease 62-8 for a 3-0 score line

Frame four was vital for both players. Peter began and took a 30-point lead. Paul responded and posted a 24 break to pull himself back in contention. Paul was in full flow and took the frame on the black 62-51

The fifth frame and Peter took a 20-point lead.

Paul responded but once Peter went 13 points in front on the colours. The match went down to the black.

Peter took the black for a 64-51 frame win and match victory 4-1.

The result was not a true reflection of the score line with four frames going down to the black ball.

The match was refereed by Colin Angior of Hailsham HMI